Born in 1976 as the day was ending whit its sunset.
His unique childhood, strongly inspired by the Woods and evening walks, have brought him to develop a sense for continue research and growth.
After spending a few years studying graphics and working in this Sector, he becomes involved in the world of photography, starting with shooting his first rolls at random people.
He then discovers Paris and falls in love with the city by walkings its streets and by daydreaming about his favourite authors.
In his pictures, videos and photographs he is interested in capturing the most hidden aspect of the caracters or models that are posing for him. He aims to create a story even with one single frame.
His commercial and editorial clients include: Genny, Les Cinq Paris, Byblos, Monclear, Bikkembergs, Cortigiani, Gaudì, Carlo Pignatelli, and more.L’ Hofficiel UA, L’ Hofficiel Lithuania. Posh magazine, A rush of culture magazine, Idoll mag NY, Fantastic mag. L’ Autre mag. Ninja mag Paris, and more.